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We believe that businesses should be sustainable. Whether dealing with customers, or providing tools to reduce carbon footprints.

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1. So what do you actually help with?
We help you plan and automate your supply chain operations. Bucephalus is directly democratizing access to AI demand forecasting, vendor lead time projections, inventory planning, and network optimizations to our customers. We help you plan, visualize, and execute on your supply chain.

2. What benefits does Bucephalus actually bring?
Our customers can expect to 1) Save time & costs 2) Be able to scale faster with less resources, including capital and headcount 3) Have less operational risk because of access to our AI systems powered by big data, 4) Become more sustainable and environmentally friendly through our emissions and transparency scores.

3. Why should we trust you?
The team at Bucephalus is made up and backed by top engineers and scientists from Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and supported by Columbia University. We are experts in the field of Data, Supply Chain, and Sustainability.

4. Are we too small?
No! As long as you have some sales or an idea of a product, we can help you! Reach out!

5. Are we too big?
Doubtful. Our team has built and scaled AI and systems to automate Amazon's supply chain to give them a competitive advantage. We can handle yours.

6. Can't we do this ourselves?
Sure, if you're small enough! You know your business best after all. However, we've found that there are some things where machines are better than humans. Managing budgets to spend on inventory across multiple SKUs and sales channels tends to be one of them. Thats why we use a "Humans in the loop" approach to AI planning - so you can get the best of both worlds. One of Bucephalus main advantages is access to a much larger dataset to contextual information than you would have access to otherwise.

7. Isn't sales all about marketing budget?
Marketing is a key driver on a brand's sales, especially for newer brands. That's why we connect into your marketing channels and allow for human input. We have seen that most Bucephalus customers are able to better predict sales, plan, and adapt quicker to a changing environment - business, cultural, or environmental.

8. Why does sustainability matter?
Consumers are holding their favorite brands to higher standards and are buying based on environmental values as much as costs. What we've found however, is that brands that are sustainable have lower customer acquisition costs, higher loyalty, and are just doing the right thing. Ultimately it's just good business. Using Bucephalus, you can directly communicate your product's lifecycle and sustainability score to consumers to further engage your customers.

9. Are you forcing us to be sustainable?
No. You might care more about your profits, and that's fine. You can directly configure how much emissions should impact decision making. We envision a world where our tools and solutions make it so you don't need to choose between profits and sustainability - because that's already built into our tools.

10. Do you offer discounts?
We support marginalized voices. If you have a compelling story, please don't hesitate and reach out!

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