Manage Inventory and Products

From products, to variants, to raw material management, you can fine tune the most granular operations while visualizing the big picture with beautiful graphics.

Product Organization

Create a clean, organized hierarchy of products, variants, and raw materials for improved visibility.

Custom collections

Group any variants or products together in a saved collection for analysis, alerts, external communication, or sales so you can act on what’s most important to your business.

Raw materials

Raw material management and visualization to manage the most granular operations.

Order trend analysis

MOQs and lead time analysis automatically integrated from previous purchase orders. Track prices, margins and product history all in one place.

Inventory thresholds

Custom and AI-assisted inventory thresholds for products, variants, and raw material with alerts to keep you ahead of the game.

Locked capital & lost sales

See how much value is tied up in overstocking and how much revenue is lost when you go out of stock.

Next stockout dates

Set our models to help you determine when you’ll be out of product so you’re never dead in the water

Model quality analysis

Look at our past model analysis, input your own and view it against actuals to see what’s working and what’s not