Features to help you grow

Bucephalus digitizes and automates your operations to help you increase productivity, reduce risk, and get visibility into your operations in the present and future.

With you each step of your supply chain
Demand Forecast

It all starts with a good forecast. Our system processes billions of data points to give you the best possible forecast.

Purchase Order and Shipment Management

Using Bucephalus, you can plan and cut purchase orders to your suppliers & vendors. We'll give you the best possible estimate for your vendor lead time so you aren't caught off guard by late deliveries.

Inventory Levels and Placement

We monitor your inventory levels to tell you exactly what to buy, how many, and where to place it.

Traceability and Transparency

Supply chains are remarkably analog. By digitizing your operations, you save time, money, and can adapt faster to a changing environment.

Sustainability & ESG Initiatives

See the impact of manufacturing and transporting products. Keep track of regulatory or compliance documents. We provide transparency and sustainability scores to better communicate with consumers.

We take care of the details. You focus on building your brand and winning your customers

Business Intelligence

Understand your customers, products, and sales better using our tools which provide actionable insight.


It all starts with a good forecast. Our demand forecasting algorithms enable you to handle risk better.


While our forecasts are world-class, you know your business best. Input promos and campaigns to ensure accuracy.

Inventory Management

Using our forecasts and your economics, we use AI to optimize your inventory for superior cash flows.


We make it easy to optimize across channels with plug-and-play integrations for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Shopify.


Understand the drivers behind our automated recommendations, so you have peace of mind


Your data is your lifeblood. We treat it as seriously as everyone else should.


We partner with you throughout your lifecycle—our platform scales you from startup to enterprise.

Stop stressing about inventory.

We handle the tough part and provide baseline scenarios. We then simulate the world to make sure you have the optimal level of inventory to scale. That way you can focus on your customers, brand, and products.

With you from Day One.

We can assist you whether you're just getting started with Shopify, using Amazon's Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), or scaling up your staff and retail fulfillment network. We profit when you win because our incentives are aligned to help you grow.

Digitizing operations. Increase Transparency, Traceability, Efficiency.

Are you still keeping track of everything with spreadsheets? Supply chains and operations are complex and fast evolving. Spreadsheets take time, aren't version controlled, and are prone to costly errors, all of which harm your bottom line.

Sustainability.Deep rooted & built in

We help you set, benchmark, and achieve sustainability goals. Keep ESG compliance and reporting in one place and use Bucephalus to move towards more environmentally friendly practices within your supply chain operations with increased traceability and transparency.

Ride on

Ready to ride? Bucephalus is super easy to integrate and even easier to use!

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