Your AI Partner in
Food and Beverage
Stock Planning

Bucephalus is your AI ally in turning your supply chain into a competitive advantage. Whether it's an organic snack, a craft beer, or a guilty pleasure, we understand the nuances of food & bev supply chains. Our solutions simplify production planning, demand forecasting, allocation and distributor logistics, keeping you and your products fresh.

Bucephalus AI planning keeps your supply chain fresh.

Streamline CPG Inventory Management

Bucephalus automatically considers production cycles, lead times, shelf life, and demand. We help you plan faster and more accurately - ensuring you have the right flavors, colors, and materials.

Like a personal Food & Bev Consultant

Bucephalus is your all-in-one hub for financial data, from your cashflows to your bottomline. We provide you with essential store metrics to give you the most in-depth view of your CPG business’s performance, such as your operating margins, conversion cycle, and turnover rates.

Demand Sensing and Forecasting

Having accurate short and long term forecasts are vital in the food & beverage CPG industry. With our AI demand sensing and predictive analytics, the CPG industry is fresher than ever.

Sustainable Supply Chain Organization

Your store can significantly minimize environmental waste and save money through Bucephalus’s inventory management software. We help you consolidate your shipments from the raw material to the finished good and can help you reach your ESG sustainability goals.

Sustainability in supply chains are more important now than ever

Reliable and Secure Data Management

Bucephalus prioritizes the security of your sensitive data. We are compliant with industry standards such as SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, and GDPR. Retailers of all sizes can trust that their data is protected, allowing them to focus on their business growth and customer relationships.

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