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Consumer Electronics

From smart devices and TV’s to headphones and speakers, we get all of your tech store’s needs. With short product life-cycles, trend fluctuations, and razer-sharp competition, electronic stores face high holding costs from out-of-date products and stockouts from increased demand. We can help.

Managing inventory is hard.
Bucephalus makes it easy.

Streamlined Item Purchasing and Cost Savings

Bucephalus’s A.I. system automatically recommends how much to order tailored to your vendor, location, leadtimes, and forecasts. Bucephalus can help your electronics store access advanced data on replenishment and holding costs, saving you key resources.

Financial Data Organization

Bucephalus is your all-in-one hub for financial data, from your cashflows to your bottomline. We provide you with essential store metrics to give you the most in-depth view of your home business’s performance, such as your operating margins, conversion cycle, and turnover rate.

Advanced Demand Forecasting and Trend Analysis

Bucephalus's AI-powered algorithm analyzes your store’s and the market’s historical sales data to help you stay ahead of the latest trends, launch new products at the right time, and hold a step ahead of your competitors. We can assist your store in meeting increased demand during promotional campaigns and minimizing excess holding costs after, thus preventing stockouts and increasing sales.

Sustainable Supply Chain Organization

Your store can significantly minimize environmental waste and save money through Bucephalus’s inventory management software. We help you consolidate your shipments from the raw material to the finished good and can help you reach your ESG sustainability goals.

Sustainability in supply chains are more important now than ever

Reliable and Secure Data Management

Bucephalus prioritizes the security of your sensitive data. We are compliant with industry standards such as SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, and GDPR. Retailers of all sizes can trust that their data is protected, allowing them to focus on their business growth and customer relationships.

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