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Clothing and Fashion

From chic couture to hip streetwear, we know the ins and outs of clothing. In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, staying ahead of fast-changing trends, seasonal fluctuations, and intense competition is no easy task. From grappling with stockouts during high-demand periods and the burden of holding costs from obsolete inventory, Bucephalus is your seamless, A.I. inventory management assistant to help you grow.

Managing inventory is hard.
Bucephalus makes it easy.

Advanced Demand Forecasting and Trend Analysis

Bucephalus's AI-powered algorithm analyzes your store’s and the market’s historical sales data to track emerging trends in the clothing industry. We help you stay seasons ahead of fashion and make sure that the right products are in stock when customers are most likely to purchase them. With Bucephalus, your store has access to detailed forecasting and marketing data, from macro-level insights to individuals SKU’s.

Streamlined Garment Purchasing and Cost Savings

Bucephalus’s A.I. system automatically recommends how much to order based on vendor, location, leadtimes, and demand forecasts. We keep you on top of your supply chain by ensuring that you have the sufficient amount of sizes, colors, and styles when you need them most.

Predict future demand and order flow.

Bucephalus analyzes past sales data and accounts for upcoming seasonal changes or industry trends to forecast your buyers’ needs. We ensure that your inventory is prepared for any unprecedented changes.

Reduce emissions and grow your business sustainably

Bucephalus helps your brand become ESG-compliant with proper inventory management that cuts waste and shrinks your overall carbon footprint. Take pride in this accomplishment and tell your brand story.

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Secure Data Management

Bucephalus prioritizes the security of your sensitive data. We are compliant with industry standards such as SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, and GDPR. Retailers of all sizes can trust that their data is protected, allowing them to focus on their business growth and customer relationships.

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